Sunday, 17 January 2010

Fresh, legal winds are blowin'

Ergo Phizmiz - The Faust Cycle or The House of Dr. Faustus 2009
radio play, experimental, inter-everything

"Faustus....FAUSTUS....Faustus. faauuuustuuuuuus. ..."

"Suddenly all the bird people turn in unison and stare at me. Marcel Duchamp stops speaking, staring right ahead. I've obviously interruped something, I should be going."

"I pick up a sausage, the problem is I'm vegetarian, but I'm also English and I can't quite yet figure out what comes first, I better have a bite."

I felt like this blog could need some contemporary crazyness.

This radio play is epic. Epic in terms as, "I hardly managed to sit through reading Ulysses" or Peace &War maybe, or as I havn't properly finished Paradise Lost or Beowulf. However, I don't know how appropriate it is to compare this piece of art to some poopy, old literary canon(s). Although it comes close if considering the major allusion in its title, Ergo Phizmiz certainly created something like a post-post(without the war)-modern faustian feeling.
To set a contrast: this artist is tagged as Avant-Retard on, maybe some people just don't get it. Avant, avant, avant.

Expect some kind of deeply disturbing, elevating yet jolly sound-meditation.. for hours and hours and hours...
This intertextual explosion is a mix of narrated passages which will penetrate your mind in a poetry-like, dreamy, collage, trip -like fashion, interwoven with longer and shorter and longer pieces of, well to keep it simple, music.

It's free.


monica said...

btw. the netlabel is based in weimar (/germany :)